Episode 26 is out Now!


Hope you enjoyed last week’s episode!

This has been a race to finish the final mixing in time! As the story builds there have been loads more sound effects and underlying themes to add, but it’s all been great fun!

I love making up different soundscapes, to try and set different moods, or create tension, or bring out emotion – music is just amazing at tapping in to something deep within us, making experiences all the more real. I hope you like the feel of this next episode – I’ve been really pleased with the results!


The Heavenfield Treasure-Hunt-Prize-Quiz-Thingy is now over!!

Well the first Heavenfield Treasure-Hunt-Prize-Quiz-Thingy is now over, and it was great fun!
Thanks to everyone who partook, and got into the spirit, as we hinted, cajoled and giggled towards the correct answers!
For those that were unable to attend (shame on you!), the quiz was divided into three questions, two of which required a little knowledge and/or rummaging in the story, while the other question was a bit more of a ‘hunt for the link’. The theme revolved around the character Alex, who contacts the Exiles in the story via a fictitious business named ‘Safe-Home Security’.

The first question was to name this Company, and congratulations go to Joshua, who won the first prize of a Heavenfield T-shirt! Two more shirts were up for grabs, one won by Mark (after a bit of a stressful search!) and the final prize was bagged by Chris. Well done everybody!

The second and third questions led from the Heavenfield WIKI to the website of the Exile Company, and you can visit it yourselves at www.safe-home-security.co.uk note: you’ll need the login (which appears in the book) of 180371. Question Two had everyone searching for Alex’s Codeword. It was great fun making up this website, and the ‘Surveillance’ page, which was the focus for the third question – finding the codename of the Professor, assassinated at the very start of the Heavenfield story. Why not test your knowledge – can you find his codename? : )

Thanks again to everyone who joined in, and I hope to do another quiz in the near future on a similar theme – so watch this space!!

Oh and keep an eye on Safe-Home Security. You never know when the Exiles might discover some interesting information about the Heavenfield… ; )

Book Four Has Begun!

The first episode of Book Four has now been released!

You can listen to it using the audio player on the Home Page, or on the Book Four page. The next episodes will be released every Friday at 8pm for the next six weeks.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to get to this moment! It is the culmination of so many years work, and feels like a wonderful milestone to reach, as I embark on the final part of the Heavenfield story. It’s been great going back through the story as I record it. As so often happens with people obsessed with creating, I tend to work flat out on something until I’ve poured every possible ounce of energy into it, then collapse in a heap. At that moment I don’t really want to look at my creation again for a long time, and when I’ve recovered a bit of energy I’m looking around for the next project! So having to go over the story again after some time has passed has been a lovely experience (I’ve been obsessing over the sequel for the last two years), and has fired me up for some more projects! More on that in the future…

But for the moment, I feel as though I’ve finally arrived at a defining point in my life. The story I’ve loved and nurtured for so long has begun it’s final release, and it feels as though this will be a moment that will allow the opening up of new and exciting futures. That’s how it feels anyway. We’ll see, but to everyone who has been with me for this leg of the journey, thank you so much for all your support and words of encouragement – You’ve kept me soldiering on!!

Best Wishes,

Heavenfield Competition

Why not visit the Heavenfield Facebook page to see who were the lucky Prize winners?!!



The next HF competition is the day before the release of Book 4 audiobook.

To celebrate we’re going to be doing something a bit special!

We’ll be having a Geeky TREASURE HUNT!!!😀

You’ll need a copy of the story with you (preferably a print or e-book version, but the audio would do), and be ready to follow the clues for a mad race to claim your prize!

(I’m so excited!!)

So meet me on the Heavenfield Facebook page at 7pm GMT (London time, sorry to international fans – you’ll just have to stay up late/early!)) on the 5th of April, and Best of Luck to you all!!